Smirnoff Mix-a-coaster

How would you like to literally create a club banger hit record while the bartender mixed your vodka cocktail for the evening? This is Smirnoff's sampling campaign, Mix-a-coaster where you can actually be the DJ of the club you're in with the spotlight on you while you and your mates mix a track on the spot.

Each coaster has the musical loop of a single instrument in the track. As you place and lift the glasses on top of each coaster it plays these parts on the main speaker system and you, yes you, get to be a DJ for the evening. All the musical loops go together in harmony so you can't help but create a cub hit.

The sampling target in this case was exceeded by 142% and generated an earned media revenue of over 3 million USD.   Well done you, a.k.a Mr. DJ!