MG ZS 2021

For the person in you who never gave up.
For the person in you who believed that this wasn’t the end.
For the person in you who knew that with faith, with determination, with hard work,
You’d get to where you want to be.
For the person in you who achieves goals, only to look for bigger goals.
Further goals.
More challenging goals.

For all of you, that have been waiting in the shadows, all along.
We see you. It’s time to step out again. It’s time to get going again.
It’s time to drive again.
After all, in your mind, you never stopped.

The New MG ZS.
Always a driver.

Agency: RAPP Dubai, Ommnicom
ECD:  Mimi Nicklin
ACD:  Deanne Hofhuis
Concept & Art Direction: Vanburn Gonsalves
Art Director: Jayana Silva
Video: Habeeb Rahman
Animation: Hassan Boxwalla

Asset 5mg zs kv.jpg